DNSSEC is a technology that was developed to, among other things, protect against such attacks by digitally 'signing' data so you can be assured it is valid. However, in order to eliminate the vulnerability from the Internet, it must be deployed at each step in the lookup from root zone to final domain name (e.g., www.icann.org). Signing the root (deploying DNSSEC on the root zone) is a necessary step in this overall processii. Importantly it does not encrypt data. It just attests to the validity of the address of the site you visit.

Full deployment of DNSSEC will ensure the end user is connecting to the actual web site or other service corresponding to a particular domain name. Although this will not solve all the security problems of the Internet, it does protect a critical piece of it - the directory lookup - complementing other technologies such as SSL (https:) that protect the "conversation", and provide a platform for yet to be developed security improvements.

verisignlabs.com DNSSEC Checker - Online DNSSEC Checking Tool

    verisignlabs.com - The DNSSEC Debugger is a Web-based tool for ensuring that the "chain of trust" is intact for a particular DNSSEC enabled domain name. The tool shows a step-by-step validation of a given domain name and highlights any problems found. The tool begins with a query to a root nameserver. It then follows the referrals to the authoritative nameserver, validating DNSSEC keys and signatures as it goes. Each step in the process is given a good (green), warning (yellow), or error (red) status code. You can move your mouse over the warning and error icons to view a longer explanation. Press the plus (+) and minus (-) keys to increase or decrease debugging. At the highest debugging level you can see the full, raw DNS messages for almost all of the queries.
dnsviz.net DNSSEC Checker - Online DNSSEC Checking Tool
    dnsviz.net - DNSViz is a tool for visualizing the status of a DNS zone. It was designed as a resource for understanding and troubleshooting deployment of the DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC). It provides a visual analysis of the DNSSEC authentication chain for a domain name and its resolution path in the DNS namespace, and it lists configuration errors detected by the tool.

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