Most network administrators are aware of how to check to see if your mail server is on a blacklist whether it be a RBL or DNSBL or any of its variations. The problem with most of them is that most of them check by IP Address. What about your domain reputation.

There are a number of sites that you can use to check your domain reputation to see if your email is or should be flowing properly. Following is a list that I use to check a domain for its reputation in regards to sending email effectively.

Before you whitelist a domain in Spam and Virus filter you should always check to determine the reputation of a domain. Additionally, you probably should not whitelist a domain that gives out free email accounts such as ,, etc. If you need to white list a sender from one of those domains you should whitelist only the user e.g. [email protected] , [email protected] , otherwise you may be opening up the floodgates of spam coming to your server.

Ron Billings

Ron has been a network administrator since the 1994 and has worked extensively with Microsoft, LINUX and FreeBSD products. He has also owned and operated a successful ISP business and has consulted to many companies offering network security services and management.

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